Last night I had two of the most epic dreams, ever (and I've saved the world a lot). They were so completely epic I actually replayed them in the morning in their entirety (before waking up) with very little alteration. They were also compltely retarded, so, brace yourself.

The dreams were both bookended by me at my folk's house in the computer room in front of the television, although they full screened for the entirety of the episodes. Both crossed over Doctor Who and...Scrubs.

The first was, for the first half, another Scrubs fairy tale episode, also, it was a musical. In it JD (a wanderer who left his home because he's tired of living in the shadow of his dead father) meets the enigmatic Doctor (played not by David Tennant but a hackish American playing David Tennant). Doctor Cox, clearly, plays the Master. Everyone sings. I really wish I could remember any of the lyrics at all because, apparently, I'm reasonably clever, and hackish American Ten singing about how lonely, emo, and brilliant he is while JD is like "No, who the fuck are you? Seriously?" was, really, one of the greatest things I've ever seen. Doctor Cox, in full nuanced Doctor Cox performance, in an extremely melodramatic scene in which he first walks out of a river from lurking underwater, while singing, in powerful Doctor Cox rage, but as the Master...No, really, you had to be there. But the voices were all on, and I rarely hear sound in my sleep, but there was a full soundtrack, and everyone sang in proper voices (Ten's being Americanized).

Anyway, after this lovely (ridiculous) first half, JD wakes up at Sacred Heart (if Sacred Heart had a fifty million dollar set, it's basically a crazy upscale slightly futurish hospital with a park around it for both dreams) and realizes the earth is going to be invaded by aliens. He basically manages to tell/convinced Carla by the end of the episode. I wish I could remember exactly what takes him out of comission, but he's out of the next dream.

The next episode entirely features Eliot and Carla as they try and do their jobs and stop an alien invasion. There is no singing. Sadly, everything is slipping away from me in the way dreams do (although I woke up ridicuously happy). They basically mis-pinpoint a group of teenagers as aliens posing as human teenagers and it turns out to be a much younger group of children who are the alien invasion seeds. At the end the alien force is stopped and ushered away by aliens interceeding on Earth's behalf (I believe it's agents of the Shadow Proclamation) but there's still a bit of a climax of things getting very dicey for Eliot and Carla.

So, anyway, these are the dreams I, er, had. Completely silly. But I think, quite possibly, the most fun you can have while asleep, yes, even more fun than shagging celebraties.
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